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We are aware that some people are having issues with making payments for purchase of products through the website, this is a glitch in the system somewhere, mainly where people access the website while on a mobile phone device, if it persists either try accessing the website through your personal computer (PC), a tablet or chromebook if you have them? If not email us at: and we will organise a direct order with you through a PayPal fund transfer.


Thank you for your patience and persistence, we can't wait to see you and meet you at our events we either organise or attend etc. 


Anna KiaRa - UK Tour (Postponed!!!)



The Gigs/Concerts for Anna KiaRa's UK Tour that was planned for  July 2024 have been postponed and are being rescheduled by Anna KiaRa and KBN Agency her new management & booking agent for her future shows. The UK tour was postponed due to prolonged visa application issues with the UK government, which meant that Anna would not have obtained the visas to come to the UK in time for the gigs. 


The gig/concert dates for Nottingham, London and Manchester are being rescheduled for around November or December 2024, and all previous advanced ticket sales are being honoured and transferred over the new forthcoming dates, as soon as we have the dates we will announce them.

However the Birmingham gig/concert date at the Dead Wax for July 2024 has been cancelled, and we will begin processing ticket refunds for advanced sales of that gig/show to existing advanced ticket holders for their purchases on the 15th June 2024.


We have deleted the ticket sales listings for the July UK tour dates, and will be passing on all the advanced ticket sales customers details directly to Anna KiaRa and her new management and booking agent KBN Agency so that they can honour the existing advanced ticket sales for Nottingham, London and Manchester when they have the new rescheduled dates announced.


All funds from the ticket sales will also be forwarded to Anna KiaRa very soon from the advanced ticket sales via us (minus the tour costs, venue hire, etc) so that any future enquiries in regards to the UK tour dates, gigs and shows should then be directed at Anna KiaRa in due course.


If you have any questions or would like further information feel free to email us at: with your enquiries about either your existing ticket purchases, refunds for the Birmingham cancelled gig, or anything else that we can help you with?


We will add further updates about the Anna KiaRa Rescheduled UK Tour as soon as we have the information and Anna is ready to make the public announcements...!!! 



Advanced PRE-ORDER Products now available:


HexenBlut UK - Majestic Dark Soundscapes of the Apocalyptic Void. (Instrumental). Debut Extended E.P. in Lancing CD case.

Catalogue: SHR-CD-002.

Label: Seventh Hell Recordings.

Release Date: 13th May 2024.

Distribution: DMMG Records.


1. Intro.
2. Bleak Shadowy Darkness (Intro.).
3. Bleak Shadowy Darkness (Sounds of Darkness and Shadows Mix).
4. Majestic Bleak Shadowy Apocalyptic Darkness (Apocalyptic Void of the Abyss Mix).
5. Bleak Shadowy Darkness (Darkness Void Mix).
6. Majestic Apocalyptic Shadows (Bleak Darkness Mix).
7. Bleak Shadowy Darkness (Industrial Apocalypse Mix).
8. Bleak Shadowy Darkness (Outro.).

Genre: Instrumental, Soundscape, Esoteric, Occult, Supernatural, Horror, Gothic, Darkwave, Electro, Industrial.


Coming Soon!


M & S Phenomena - Spaced Out Funky Blues Shit (Instrumental). Extended EP. (DMMG Records).

Debut Extended EP containing 10 instrumental tracks/songs.

Genre: Instrumental, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Prog Rock, Psych-Rock, Space-Rock, etc.


HexenBlut UK, Posters, T-shirts, Hats, Patches, Tote Bags, etc. and if there is the demand , for a release of the band's debut extended E.P. on 12" vinyl LP format, then we will release the E.P. on vinyl too.


Worldwide MAJOR Digital/Streaming will also be sorted very, very soon for the HexenBlut UK debut extended EP, so expect the tracks to be available soon via ALL MAJOR online download platforms ASAP. 


With a lot more music releases and merchandise planned very soon!