Welcome to the Official Website of DMMG : DisAssociation Music & Media Group, home to several music and media labels, including:


Cyrkel Spynn Publications (Small Press/Independent Publishing Label). Publishers of Cyrkel Spynn Fanzine, later Cyrkel Spynn Magazine.


DMMG Multi-Media (Independent Multi-Media Publishing Label, publishing periodicals, booklets, and books in pdf format on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM).


DMMG Management & Promotions (International Artist and Band Management, and Talent Development Label). Artists/Bands included in the past; Shadowsphere, and Sylvana White.


DMMG Gigs & Tours (here is where you can find out about both one off gigs/concerts we organise (through DMMG Management & Promotion) and tours for artists and bands who are either signed to our management label or have a dual contract with both our management and record labels.


DMMG Distro, this is our in-house distribution label for all of our merchandise and products, including our music, videos, and multi-media.


Dark & Wise Recordings, is our compilation music label, originally founded as a cassette tape compilation label, it's aim was to support bands in the alternative and underground scenes through the release of compilation cassettes of various bands we like as an extension of Cyrkel Spynn Fanzine/Cyrkel Spynn Magazine.


Altar-Ego Music, this was our audio music and music video and film publishing label, aimed at being an extension of AEM Records our first actual record label.


AEM Records was our first attempt at launching a record label, originally signed to the band was Stoke on Trent Gothic Rock band - Lupine, and we had plans to sign other artists/bands, however when we found out their was another record label with the same name, we closed down the label, so there would be no clash of interests between us and the other label of the same name.


DMMG Records, again another of our record labels, that was prominent between 2006 and 2014, the first band to be signed to DMMG Records was Sheffield female fronted punk band Leather Zoo, however they shelved when they defaulted on their record contract through breach of copyright concerning the online publishing of music that DMMG Records had paid for during professional studio recording session with both Woodman Recording Studios and Axis Recording Studios. Later DMMG Records released several CD Albums, CD EP's, with also online/download streaming for the later album and EP releases for artists such as; Steve Andrew aka the Bard of Ely, PRANA, and Koradji, while with DMMG Records the artists also gained much acclaim and DMMG Records got songs included on several Movie Original Soundtracks which Chemical Burn Entertainment, and others.


Seventh Hell Recordings, our sister record label to DMMG Records, SHR only released one album a re-release of the band Orchis's album Phoenix Trees.


DMMG Studios, was originally our state of the art 48 track pro-audio recording studio in Sheffield city centre, in the UK, the studio was used to post-production and mastering of all the releases for DMMG Records and Seventh Hell Recordings.


DMMG Shop, this is all of the DMMG labels online store where customers can buy our merchandise and products.


The above is a brief history of our labels, for more in-depth history about the labels visit the individual pages on the website... where you will also find information on present and future news regards to the numerous labels, and the artists, bands, forthcoming gigs, tours, and of course products available from us, as well as links to our friends... etc.


For more news and information, please watch this space... as the website is in its very early days of creation and development, and we guarantee content will only grow and get better, as we grow and help more and more artists and bands who in turn join with us that we want to work with, collaborating together to do great things in the future.   

Contact to most of the other pages on the website is pending so please be patient as we build and construct the new website... THANK YOU in advance...!!!


Music Genres we are interested as a group of music labels etc, include;

Pagan Metal, Pagan Rock, Pagan Folk, Pagan Folk Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Symphonic Rock, Operatic Metal, Gothic Metal, Trad. Metal, 80's Metal, Female-Fronted Metal, Female-Fronted Rock, 80's Hair Metal, Glam/Sleaze, Sleaze-Punk, Post-Punk, Female-Fronted Punk, Gothic Rock, Gothic-Blues, Gothic-Folk, Death Rock, Bat-Cave, Darkwave, Metalcore, EMO, Nu-Metal, Alternative 80's, Pop Punk, Alternative Pop-Rock, Alternative-Folk, Neo-Folk, Neo-Classical, Electronica, Avante Grarde, Alternative, Underground, and many more....


Sorry, definitely no rap, r 'n' b,  hip hop, house, techno, reggie, drum and bass, etc. etc.