Breaking News...!!!!

Seventh Hell Recordings have a brand new band on the label.

HexenBluT UK, which is predominantly a UK based recording studio project by DMMG labels owner... the music promises to be spectacular... mixing elements of neo-classical electronica, dark ambient soundscapes, neo-folk esoterica, symphonic, gothic and operatic rock and power metal, and some influences of the gothic and darkwave electro genres, along  with classical horror and fantasy soundtrack elements, think along the lines of it being an instrumental project which could potentially be ideal as music for the hammer horror influenced movie genre, for the 21st century... as said this is a studio project, and not aimed as a live band, with the music predominantly focussing on the instrumental musical score, rather than vocally lead.


The band have begun writing music for their debut EP which will contain 6 or 8 instrumental focuses songs of pure oblivion and abyss-mal soundscape esoteric darkness.   



We previously released an album by the band Orchis, the album Phoenix Trees, which is available from all good online streaming and download services Worldwide, through DMMG Records aggregate streaming/download partners who do our MAJOR Worldwide online distribution, to over 240 territories internationally.