Dark & Wise Recordings, was founded in 1997 as a cassette tape label, as a side project to Cyrkel Spynn Fanzine, to promote the bands that we reviewed and interviewed in the pages of the fanzine, but on actual audio cassette compilation releases... we released 2 cassette compilation albums with DWR titled - Questing Wasteland - Volume One and Volume Two, the title for the compilation albums wast taken from a poem written by Cyrkel Spynn Fanzine editor at the time.


We are planning on resurrecting the Dark & Wise Recordings label in the future, and plan on releasing several compilation CD albums, which will feature both bands who are signed to DMMG Records, Seventh Hell Recordings, and bands who are not but we rate highly and want to give a plug too... and help them get recognition, whether the tracks are licensed from other record labels or from unsigned bands and artists, etc.


More news on this will follow soon!!!