DMMG Management & Promotions

This is our official International artist and band management, and talent development label, we are not an artist agent that is slightly different, as a management we have the scope for 'Power of Attorney', which an agent doesn't usually have, this means we can act as accountants and music lawyers on behalf of artists, bands, and other talent that we showcase and spearhead on behalf  off... some of our artists, we will offer either full Power of Attorney too, others may only have a partial Power of Attorney with us, and some none at all..


Our journey into music management and band management began in the early 2000's when we had the opportunity to connect with the UK Gothic Rock band - Shadowsphere, and later in the 2010's with the French-Canadian pop-rock singer Sylvana White.


Who will be next on our Artist/Management roster, both nationally in the UK and Internationally for the World, is yet to be announced... but plans and offers to a number of artists and bands are underway! So watch this space for announcements soon...!!!  Artists and Bands want to join our future roster? Then send your EPK to us at or for consideration? 


Radio Stations, Magazines, Fanzines, Music TV shows, Music Blogs, want to feature our artists, spin their music on your show, review their releases or do interviews? Also get in touch with us at the above email addresses!  




Shadowsphere (ex-13 Candles).

Sylvana White (ex- Infini-T).