Cyrkel Spynn Fanzine was a phenomenon in it's own right, it was the first ever Pagan music fanzine in the World, and over 6 issues as a fanzine gained much aclaim and a huge following in the alternative and underground music scenes back when the internet was in it's infancy and was still to take off, way before the likes of yahoo groups, myspace profiles, and other online services that creative persons in the music industry later latched onto the self-publishing and small press scene was a gold mine and key for bands to spread there message, get reviews, gain press interviews, and generally be seen by music fans... a lot of bands even set up their of fanzines as part of their fan club following.


Cyrkel Spynn was no different, it was unique though, as initially it was a hand written fanzine rather than typed, and then photocopied in black and white... and self distributed to the masses as a physical stapled together photocopied zine en-mass through the snail-mail postal services distributed to the world, and made available for alternative shops to sell around the UK.


As a fanzine it ran from 1995 to 1998.


Later however, Cyrkel Spynn (Magazine) re-appeared for a few more issues as a, at first injet printed full colour managzine, then in pdf format on CD-ROM. At it's peak it was pressed to 15'000 copies per issue. The fanzine/magazine stopped publication in 2008.


But many people even to this days have fond memories of it, and many bands quoted the reviews we gave them in their band biography information and press kits.

Over the years we interviewed and reviewed the music of a lot of amazing bands!!!

 The Fanzine/Magazine crossed genres and wasn't just Pagan, it also reviewed Gothic, Metal, Rock, Folk and classical generes, as well as featuring interviews with authors, publishing articles, poetry, artwork, and much more...


The ideology of Cyrkel Spynn Fanzine/Magazine still holds strong to this day... and as such elements of what was Cyrkel Spynn are being included into the new forthcoming DMMG Labels Newsletter.