We are currently scouting for new prospective artists and bands to join our record labels both for DMMG Records and for Seventh Hell Recordings, so bands are welcome to send us their EPK to: dmmg.management@gmail.com or manager@dmmg.co.uk

If you send us an EPK make sure you send it to us attached to an email and not as a download from a cloud drive etc, what we want is a ms word file with band biography with links to band website, youtube, social media in the biog., band pics in jpeg (preferably), band logo pics, and a maximum of three mp3 songs (no more). If you want to send us a physical CD or DVD etc then email us first to obtain our snail-mail address, as we have still to set-up either a PO Box address or BM Box address etc.

DMMG Records and Seventh Hell Recordings has MAJOR Worldwide online streaming/digital distribution to over 240 territories.

Who knows maybe you will be lucky enough to join either of our record labels in the future? We are currently updating our database of National and International legal contracts for all our labels, including artist/band management, event management, publishing, and record label contracts... so offers are either being made or are in the pipeline to be made with artists and bands we have our eyes on... so please watch this space, along with the rest of the website for other information on updates, as well as of course announcements we make on social media, and in the music press, etc. etc.