We are currently scouting for new prospective artists and bands to join our record labels both for DMMG Records and for Seventh Hell Recordings, so bands are welcome to send us their EPK to: dmmg.management@gmail.com or manager@dmmg.co.uk

If you send us an EPK make sure you send it to us attached to an email and not as a download from a cloud drive etc, what we want is a ms word file with band biography with links to band website, youtube, social media in the biog., band pics in jpeg (preferably), band logo pics, and a maximum of three mp3 songs (no more). If you want to send us a physical CD or DVD etc then email us first to obtain our snail-mail address, as we have still to set-up either a PO Box address or BM Box address etc.

DMMG Records and Seventh Hell Recordings has MAJOR Worldwide online streaming/digital distribution to over 240 territories.

Who knows maybe you will be lucky enough to join either of our record labels in the future? We are currently updating our database of National and International legal contracts for all our labels, including artist/band management, event management, publishing, and record label contracts... so offers are either being made or are in the pipeline to be made with artists and bands we have our eyes on... so please watch this space, along with the rest of the website for other information on updates, as well as of course announcements we make on social media, and in the music press, etc. etc. 



Forthcoming Releases planned for DMMG Records later in 2024:


Questing Wasteland - Compilation CD Album and vinyl LP Album.

we are proud to announce the resurection of the former Dark & Wise Recording cassette compilation album series from 1997, only this time as a brand new series of multiple compilation albums on CD and limited edition vinyl LP.


we are currently seeking bands and artists to feature on the new Questing Wasteland Compilation albums series, and if we get enough interest will release several volumes of the series over time both as mentioned on Compilation CD Album and on Limited Edition Vinyl LP (Possibly Colour Vinyl?) these will be a physical release only and will not be released for digital download or streaming online, so could become extremely collectable in the future... especially if artists and bands offer us exclusive songs or rare mixes of their songs?


There will be a small fee for inclusion on the Compilation Album series, approximately £50 GBP, but with that it will go towards our pressing costs of the albums, and we will offer between 30 and 50 copies to bands for FREE to sell for themselves via their own band websites or at their own gigs, etc... if the bands want more than the stated number of FREE copies, then further copies will also be available at a wholesale rate.

Band who are interested can email us at: dmmg.management@gmail.com quoting "Questing Wasteland" as the title of the email, and we will email them with details of how to submit their music, and make the payment for song inclusion on the Compilation Series.


Further Plans...


After the Summer and the Anna KiaRa UK Tour (Update May 2024: which has now been postponed, see the DMMG Management & Promotions web-page and the DMMG Shop page for more info.) we will be planning on signing further bands and artists to DMMG Records, we already have a shortlist of UK bands and artists we are interested in working with as a label, and they will be announced later in the year or as soon as we offer them a record contract, they sign the contract, and thus begin working with us.


It is likely that the artist, band, or bands we initially sign may be offered a dual contract of both an Artist/Band Management Contract and a Record Deal with DMMG Management & Promotions and DMMG Records, with further artists and bands offered separate individual contracts to the separate labels.


We do not have any plans to sign any overseas bands at the moment, but may be willing to do so from 2025 onwards? Unless someone totally blows us away, and we can't resist but to offer them a record deal?


Back Catalogue - Past and Present Releases:


DMMG Records:


DMMG-CD-001a.  Leather Zoo - Fleur du Lis. Single. (2007, unreleased - due to dispute over artwork and copyright breach by the band and their friends!) 3 tracks/songs, single version of the EP. 1) Fleur de Lis, 2) Release Me. 3) Fairy Punk Princess. (though I could have the track listing for the single version wrong, it's been a long time... and I am going from the top of my head/memory here!!!)
DMMG-CD-001b. Leather Zoo - Welcome to the Zoo. EP. (2007, unreleased - due to dispute over artwork and copyright breach by the band and their friends!). 5 tracks/songs EP. 1) Fleur de Lis. 2) Stranger. 3) Release Me. 4) Fairy Punk Princess. 5) Belliss Coldwine. 


DMMG-CD-002. ISD - Bad Girls (EP). Promo CD Only Release. Released: 2008. 5 tracks/songs promo EP.


DMMG-CD-003. Steve Andrews aka The Bard of Ely - Welsh Wizard. (CD Album/Digital Download Album). Released: 13th July 2009. 15 tracks/songs album. 1) Welsh Wizard. 2) King Arthur's Coming. 3) Priests of the Venusians. 4) If I love you. 5) Star Woven Not Star Crossed.
6) One To Three (Crum's Mix). 7) Real Love and Communication. 8) One To Three (featuring Mandy Smith). 9) Jungle Love (featuring Get Rhythm). 10) Rubber Ducky. 11) Ten of Cups. 12) Usually. 13) Land of Our Fathers. 14) Citizen of Earth. 15) Reality Song (Live).


DMMG-CD-004. Steve Andrews aka The Bard of Ely - Dive in Deep (CD Album/Digital Download Album). Released: 29th October 2010. 17 tracks/songs album. 1) Super Hero. 2) Jungle Love. 3) Reality Song. 4) Real Love and Communication. 5) Peter. 6) Raga Rock. 7) Roundabout Passout. 8) UFO song. 9) Insect Inside. 10) Quicksilver Morning. 11) Always Look So Fine. 12) Kingfisher. 13) 10 of Cups. 14) Sheep. 15) Love Spans Time and Space. 16) Cariad Jungl. 17) Super Hero (Live).


DMMG-CD-005. Koradji - Holo World (CD EP/Digital Download EP). Released: 20th June 2011. 4 tracks/songs EP. 1) Holo World. 2) Brother v Brother. 3) My Bodies Aching Dub. 4) East West - EP Mix.


DMMG-CD-006. Steve Andrews aka The Bard of Ely - Manana (CD EP/Digital Download EP). Release Date: 1st August 2011. 4 tracks/songs EP.
1) Manana (1st Take). 2) Thoughts of You. 3) This is Our Planet (2). 4) Manyana (Ed Mix).


DMMG-CD-007. Steve Andrews aka The Bard of Ely - Manana/Utopia (CD EP/Digital Download EP). Release Date: 18th December 2011. 5 tracks/songs EP. 1) Manana (1st Take). 2) Thoughts of You. 3) Utopia (featuring Heulwyn Thomas). 4) Manana (Take 2). 5) Utopia 2.


DMMG-CD-008. PRANA - Volume One (CD Album/Digital Download Album). Release Date: 9th January 2012.  12 tracks/songs album. 1) Alhena. 2) Botien. 3) Fomalhaut. 4) Electra. 5) Naos. 6) Sadal Suud. 7) Maia. 8) Porrima. 9) Pleione. 10) Alioth. 11) Phecda. 12) Unuk al Hay.
Please Note: on this release some digital download stores have wrongly listed the artist name as Volume One and the album title as Prana, so they have listed the title/artist name back-to-front... unfortunately there is nothing we could do about this it was a mistake by the distributor and not us!   

DMMG-CD-009. M&S Phenomena - Spaced Out Funk Blues Shit (Instrumental) (Extended EP/Digital Download Extended EP): Release Date: forthcoming/release date to be confirmed, 2024. 10 tracks/songs extended EP. 1) Funky Blues Shit (Intro.). 2) Funky Blues Shit (Funky Bass Mix). 3) Funky Blues Shit (Bass-Gtrs-01 Mix). 4) Funky Blues Shit (Bass-Gtrs-02 Mix). 5) Funky Blues Shit (Full Instrumental #001 Mix). 6) Funky Blues Shit (Full Instrumental #002 Mix). 7) Funky Blues Shit (Spaced Out Blues Guitar Mix). 8) Funky Blues Shit (Ambient Bass Darkness Mix). 9) Funky Blues Shit (Darkness Roades Outro.). 10) Funky Blues Shit (Dark Spaced Outro.).


DMMG-CD-010. Details coming soon!!!!