Anna KiaRa - 2024 UK Tour - T-shirt (Advanced Pre-Order).


Anna KiaRa - 2024 UK Tour - T-shirt.

This is an Advanced Pre-Order for the full colour unisex T-Shirt.

Size will be UK size Large (approximately XXL in overseas sizes).

However if there is a demand we can have other sizes of T-shirt printed. This is the Standard UK Tour T-shirt, with both full colour front print and tour dates printed on the back.

VIP pass and VIP ticket purchasers for the gigs/concerts on the forthcoming UK Tour YOUR T-shirt is a different EXCLUSIVE design and will not be available for sale either via here or on the UK Tour.

NOTE: Orders will be dispatched as soon as we have the T-shirts from the printers. We will upload an image of the T-Shirt asap.   

We will also have separate UK Tour T-shirts for both Dikajee and Heavenqueen available soon, for Pre-Order!